Monday, 19 August 2013

ONLY REAL - get it on

surprised by how much i enjoyed only real's previous tracks (such as blood carpet and backseat kissers) despite not being much of a rap fan, i was eager to hear what this west londoner had to offer next. somehow finding the perfect balance between surf pop choruses and grittier rap verses reminding us of his city roots, only real far from disappoint's with 'get it on'. it's easy to see why this young artist is set to play paris's prestigious pitchfork festival this autumn. 

LOS PORCOS - sunshine

the world really does seem like a brighter place since los porcos (an amalgamation of FAMY and WU LYF members) burst onto the new music scene. here's their latest track 'sunshine' which features on their forthcoming double A side. also featuring a special remix from members of blaenavon and RAD FRU, it promises to be a real corker.  

THE WYTCHES - digsaw

brighton four piece the wytches seem to have master an almost impossible task; sounding like a vast array of other bands ( think pixies and the white stripes for starters...) whilst keeping a very individual style of their own. here is my personal favorite from their sparse collection of released songs - digsaw. 

FRANCIS LUNG - age limits

last month former WU LYF member tom mcclung (better known by his stage name; francis lung) released the first official recording of one of his many impeccable songs - age limits. being the first song that doesn't sound like it was recorded on a dictaphone from the 1950's, age limits emanates a deliciously refreshing cleanness and enough emotion to make your heart pop. listen below:


Monday, 21 January 2013


2011, a year not so different to years past or years to come. but, this was the year that the world caught a glimpse of the majesty that lay in the brains of boise, idaho resident, trevor powers. powers, known to many as youth lagoon, is finally set to release his second album, wondrous bughouse, after starving us of his work for the past couple of years. 

last week the ears of YL fans around the world were greeted with dropla, the first track to be released from the new album. on listening to this track, it instantly becomes clear that with this song comes a new sense of self confidence which was often lacking in the timorous lines of year of hibernation (YL's 2011 album). dropla swiftly causes yukimi nagano of little dragon to spring to mind, powers voice sounding strangely similar to hers, and the whole track having vibes reminiscent of her work on gorillaz 2010 album, plastic beach. 

year of hibernation bought to us a rare sort of beauty, perfectly ethereal yet marvelously grandiose at the  same time. the question resonating in the minds of many at the moment is of course, can powers create something this wondrous for a second time? 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

BLAENAVON - single release

meet blaenavon, a trio of kids from the soggy hills of hampshire, still fresh from the womb, (the oldest of the three being a mere 17 years old) and brimming with talent to throw at the world with all their might. yesterday they unveiled the two songs expected on their debut single, A side - into the night & B side - denim patches. due to be released on march 11 via transgressive/paradYse records. 

listen to denim patches and into the night right here, right now, and if you like what you hear (how could you not!) come and hang out at their single release party at the buffalo bar, islington on february 21!

...and my personal favorite ------->

Monday, 7 January 2013

WOLF ALICE - fluffy

one of the first things i saw this morning as i arose, bleary eyed from the depths of sleep, reached for my phone and refreshed twitter, was that wolf alice had just unleashed a new song to the general public, fluffy. still drunk off warmth and the smell of my cat's soft fur, my response time was feeble, but slowly i dragged myself from under the covers and headed for the nearest computer.

this is what i found there. oh man, its so great i just want to snog it! its like hole and sleigh bells and sonic youth all made love at the same time and nine months later squirted out fluffy. wolf alice have certainly taken a turn down rock avenue since they're previous track leaving you was released. the lazzez faire, countrified feel has been dropped almost completely and instead been replaced with a song that whips you off your feet right from the start with all the raw angst of the early 90's.