Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tearjerker - Hiding

hot off the press! over the past few days i have gained knowledge of the existence of toronto trio terjerker, masters of their trade, they create some of the the tastiest shoegaze you'll hear this side of lost and found. over the past couple of years tearjerker have released a steady flow of material, the most recent addition being their fantastic 4 track album, hiding. i like to imagine that if wavves wrote an album whilst on a comedown it would sound something like this, as hiding shrouds you in a warm haze of warped guitar riffs rather like king of the beach does, without tearing out your brain and shaking it around in a jar before replacing it, leaving you feeling bashed, bruised, confused and yet certain that you've just had the time of your life. another band that springs to mind when thinking of comparable artists is yuck, although tearjerker seem less clean cut, more mysterious and perhaps with that comes more potential and certainly a lot more excitement. my favourite track on the album would have to be hand. with a vaguely sufjan stevens esque vibe, its the saddest of the bunch, but the psychedelic haze of the vocals acts as a buffer against any really sombre moods exuded on the track. Here it is for you to listen to right now! Also check out there bandcamp page for a free download of the album...

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