Saturday, 5 January 2013

SWIM DEEP - the sea

so as the number of lunatic girls drooling over swim deep grows and grows, the quartet obviously felt it was time to let their fans get another peak at their soon to be debut album, anticipated to be released some time this summer. here is; the sea -

i didn't have high hopes for the bands latest offering, after several listens to orange county left my emotions run dry and my brain pondering over why the glue stick which once resided on my desk was now collecting dust on the floor. however, swim deep seem to have turned a corner with the sea. its true they've stuck to their somewhat simple layout, but the sea has a more lackadaisical feel than previous tracks yet the beat flows on and keeps the song moving throughout. my only qualm is that the bridge is pretty boring. suddenly all the funky drums and stuff disappear and austin starts singing about something which really would sound much better if the rest of the band got to join in. i guess it builds tension whilst we await the climax, ooo, sexy. despite this i'm pretty impressed, i thought maybe it was going to be my favorite swim deep song so far but then i remembered that was actually this:

naaaaaat!! sorry boys this really sucks. austin you sounds like buffalo bill in silence of the lambs, no sweet dreams for me tonight. (i like the normal version, though) 

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