Monday, 21 January 2013


2011, a year not so different to years past or years to come. but, this was the year that the world caught a glimpse of the majesty that lay in the brains of boise, idaho resident, trevor powers. powers, known to many as youth lagoon, is finally set to release his second album, wondrous bughouse, after starving us of his work for the past couple of years. 

last week the ears of YL fans around the world were greeted with dropla, the first track to be released from the new album. on listening to this track, it instantly becomes clear that with this song comes a new sense of self confidence which was often lacking in the timorous lines of year of hibernation (YL's 2011 album). dropla swiftly causes yukimi nagano of little dragon to spring to mind, powers voice sounding strangely similar to hers, and the whole track having vibes reminiscent of her work on gorillaz 2010 album, plastic beach. 

year of hibernation bought to us a rare sort of beauty, perfectly ethereal yet marvelously grandiose at the  same time. the question resonating in the minds of many at the moment is of course, can powers create something this wondrous for a second time? 

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